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    That Interesting Thing

    Daniel Morrison, now the pastor of Huntington Valley Presbyterian Church, was then in his twenties and a student at New York’s New School for Social Research. He was feeling dejected, because his girlfriend just dumped him. Heartbreak hurts and... Read more

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    Carversville—A Gathering Place

    I love the drive to Carversville, no matter which way I go. I can drive from Rt. 413 and take Carversville Road or from Lumberville down Fleecydale Road. Either way I get to see the spectacular natural beauty that includes everything from the... Read more


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    Newtown Is What’s Happening

    Sometimes it takes an outsider to give you the skinny on what’s happening in your own backyard—and to what you’ve been missing out on. Such was the case with me recently when a cousin of a friend of mine came to visit from Connecticut. When the... Read more

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    Our River Towns

    Growing up in and around Bucks County I can sometimes take the beauty of the Delaware River and its river towns for granted. That I can get used to towns with such charm and character is mind boggling. Yet every now and then I find myself passing... Read more

  • Newtown

    Newtown—A Nice Place To Visit

    I remember the old saying about New York City, “It’s a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.” Newtown some 40 years ago was the exact inverse of that old adage... Read more


  • Lumberville

    Historic Lumberville

    Did you ever wonder how towns got their names? Lumberton and Lumberville, both in Solebury Township, owe their names to the now forgotten lumber rafting industry. Even after the opening of the Delaware Canal and the Belvidere-Delaware Railroad... Read more


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    Christmas City USA

    Bethlehem’s history begins with the self-sufficient community of the Moravians. “On Christmas Eve 1741, a small group of Moravians joined in a stable, holding candles, singing Not Jerusalem, Lowly Bethlehem. Read more

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