• Kangoo-jumps

    Rebounding Your Way to Fitness

    I can’t begin to tell you how much fun these are! Okay, at first, they may seem to feel a little awkward but not for long. Read more

  • Thrive

    Become Infinitely Adaptable To Thrive in Unpredictable Times

    Getting stressed is inevitable...staying stressed is not! As Nobel Laureate Sir John Eckles discovered, stress underlies every major health condition and resigns humans to using only two percent of their brain—not a lot at all! Read more

  • Jacobs ladder climber

    Climbing your way into Fitness

    Here I am walking the streets selling advertising for our June issue. My cell phone goes off, magazines falling in the rain puddles. I answer and it’s my long time friend from South Philly. Read more

  • St Marys


    Innovative And Minimally Invasive Heart Care At St. Mary

    St. Mary Medical Center is the first hospital in the region to successfully use a LOTUS Edge™ Aortic Valve System during a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure outside of a clinical trial. The St. Mary Heart and Vascular team of... Read more


  • Vicky's 2nd PHOTO.jpg

    Functional Fitness

    Functional trainers are really great for resistance training for strength, hypertrophy, speed power and endurance. Read more

  • Poppys

    Poppy’s Greengrocer Opens This Spring

    Poppy’s Greengrocer Opens This Spring A 4,000+ square foot, independently-owned local food market is heading to the Delaware Rivertowns this Spring! Poppy’s Greengrocer will open its doors at 415 York Road in New Hope, PA and plans to up-end the... Read more


  • maxi climber

    Climb into Fitness

    There I was, going off to pick up some art work for my customer’s ad that was running in our next issue. It was a good hour drive and by the time I got there, for sure I had to use the rest room. Read more

  • W17 Health

    Preventative Health

    You’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and watching the clock tick…15 minutes pass…20 minutes…35 minutes…you have so much to do today and you’re on time for your appointment. What is taking so long? You must find out what is going on with that... Read more

    Health Medical

  • Heart device

    Smart Implantable Device

    St. Mary Medical Center Is the First in Bucks County to Implant Optimizer Smart System, a New Device Designed to Help Heart Failure Patients Read more

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