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    Spring Sport Injuries

    Spring is finally here, and with it comes the payback for the New Year's resolutions to exercise more and get healthier. Overdoing it can be easily avoided with time, preparation, and care. The following guidelines were generated by ChatGPT... Read more

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    Long Covid & Heart Health

    COVID-19 has added another list of worries to people living with a heart condition. 1 in 3 adults with COVID-19 has symptoms that last after the virus. This develops a few weeks after COVID. Research suggests that after COVID, you are at increased.. Read more

  • Eye Associates

    Eye Associates of Bucks County

    Eye Associates of Bucks County offers comprehensive care to patients across the region. With the Langhorne location recently completing a major office renovation they have increased Eye Associates efficiency and capacity to serve you. . . Read more

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    HIFU & Prostate Cancer

    One out of every eight men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Approximately one man our of 41 will die of prostate cancer making it right behind lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths for men. The American... Read more

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    Advanced Cardiovascular Care

    People travel the world for this level of care. Heart and vascular care at St. Mary Medical Center provides experience you can rely upon with advanced technology and procedures that are typically not offered in community hospitals. St. Mary has ... Read more

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    Preparing For Surgery

    You have met with your surgeon, completed the necessary preoperative imaging and even taken care of some of the paperwork for your hospital stay, but you still have some tasks to perform before your procedure... Read more

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    Time to See a Cardiologist

    Your heart health is central to overall good health. As the center of your cardiovascular system, it is vitally responsible for just about everything that gives your body life, ranging from the transportation of oxygen to the success of your... Read more

  • St. Mary

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    Seamless Cancer Care

    When you get cancer care at St. Mary Medical Center, you get seamless access to the latest innovations in diagnostic testing, breakthrough therapies and the latest clinical trials. St. Mary Medical Center is proud to be a member of the Penn Cancer... Read more

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