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    Personalized Holistic Healing

    Embark on a transformative journey of personalized holistic healing at the Won Institute Clinics, nestled in the heart of Warminster, Bucks County. This inclusive medical space welcomes a diverse array of patients, including yourself, and is... Read more

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    Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

    If you live with or are recovering from heart disease or disorder, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Lower Bucks Hospital offers you a combination of monitored exercise, education, counseling, and support to help you improve your function and ... Read more

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    Inherited Risks & Screenings

    Knowledge is power. You may have inherited your dad’s blue eyes or your mom’s curly hair, but if one of your parents develops diabetes or heart disease, your fate is not sealed. In fact, a combination of genes and lifestyle factors ... Read more

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    Keep Your Blood Vessels Healthy

    Almost half of U.S. adults ages 20 and older have some form of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for Americans since 1920. High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular condition. Other serious diseases affecting the heart.. Read more

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    When To Seek Orthopedic Care

    Even the most coordinated among us will likely experience injury at various times in our lives: an overzealous serve on the tennis court; a simple trip over an unnoticed obstacle; aching knees from…who knows what. Most often, these types of common... Read more

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    Spring Sport Injuries

    Spring is finally here, and with it comes the payback for the New Year's resolutions to exercise more and get healthier. Overdoing it can be easily avoided with time, preparation, and care. The following guidelines were generated by ChatGPT... Read more

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    Long Covid & Heart Health

    COVID-19 has added another list of worries to people living with a heart condition. 1 in 3 adults with COVID-19 has symptoms that last after the virus. This develops a few weeks after COVID. Research suggests that after COVID, you are at increased.. Read more

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