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  • Excellence in Sculpure Award

    Stover Mill Art Show Winners

    In its 62nd year of operation, the Stover Mill Gallery welcomes the return of its Juried Art Show after a two-year hiatus. The ninth juried show for the gallery features the works of over 70 regional artists across a variety of mediums from more ... Read more

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  • Lachman 3.png

    Al Lachman Celebrates 68 Years of Painting

    Al Lachman is celebrating his 68th year as a professional artist with his annual show at the Lachman Gallery. Al Lachman continues to blaze his own trail onto the national and Bucks County art scene. Read more

    Arts & Antiques

  • Summer Garden.jpeg

    Spring In The Valley

    Bradley Boyer’s painting, Spring in The Valley, achieved $13,750 at the Baum School of Art’s Annual Auction. This sale topped the other paintings displayed in this online auction. The painting is a 36” by 36” oil on canvas, framed in a new hand... Read more

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  • Transcend

    A Peaceful Retreat

    A self-taught painter with a background in photography, artist Cindy Roesinger first picked up a paintbrush in 2008 and hasn’t been able to put it down since. Her affinity for wide, open spaces is reflected in her sweeping landscapes and skyscapes... Read more

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  • PeterMiller ThreeSpirits.jpeg

    Forgotten Woman of American Modernism

    Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio Inc. is excited to announce our 40th Anniversary celebration and upcoming exhibition of the estate of Peter Miller, a female American modernist. A selection of her works will also be featured at the 60th Annual.... Read more

    Arts & Antiques

  • Elm Grove

    Fast & Furious

    In Aristotle’s words, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Trisha Vergis achieves this goal by getting close to her subjects, revealing something deeper in them. And while divine... Read more

    Arts & Antiques

  • IMG_1294.png

    Bobby Waite

    Fashion & Fun

    It’s a little bit urban, a little edgy —-with fringes of tradition woven into its core retail fabric. Savioni Boutique has been part of the New Hope retail landscape for about 20 years. And for good reason. According to Revi Haviv, Apparel Buyer... Read more

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  • Streamside largeAMD_9260.jpg

    You Gotta Be Doing!

    Lively strains of Bach fill the air as Aurelia Nieves-Callwood opens the door to her apartment. Wearing a turquoise wrap cardigan and artisan earrings, she shatters all stereotypes you might have about octogenarians. “I think I got these at the... Read more

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  • Evan Harrington

    Youthful Maturity

    Evan Harrington has been described as having the sensibility of a painter from both the old and contemporary worlds. Some of the influences that feed his work stem from other interests seemingly unattached to art: aviation and carpentry... Read more

  • Art gal

    Capturing The Spirit

    Creative expression comes naturally for Sandy Askey-Adams, who has been drawing and painting since she was four. Inspiration has taken hold in some unlikely places, such as her 10th grade math class. That was where she was so distracted by her... Read more

    Arts & Antiques

  • FleecyDale_Snow-RuthCTaylor.jpg

    Ruth C Taylor

    Capturing Winter Light

    Although Ruth Taylor grew up in Delaware County, PA, she often visited Bucks County as a child and loved the beauty of its natural surroundings. In fact, her fond memories and passion for the natural beauty were the main reason that she and her... Read more

    Arts & Antiques

Arts & Antiques guide 22

Handmade Collage Cards

Angel’s is now selling handmade collage greeting cards created by Susan Sandor with 100% of the sale price going directly to the Food Pantry at Fisherman’s Mark. No two cards are alike and every piece on the card is recycled material. It can include ribbons, photos, pressed flowers, wine bottle foils, magazine clippings, feathers, rhinestones, fabric—a myriad of found materials. “They are really unparalleled, textural little pieces of art” said Angel LaBuda, owner of the shop. The idea popped into Susan’s head while purging her business studio and discovering 5 x 7 card blanks that were left over from a time, quite some years ago, when she sold collage cards to art galleries and art museum gift shops, including the Michener Museum. Instead of sending them to the recycling bin, she decided that using the blanks to create a new series of cards would be an opportunity to help those in need of food during the pandemic. “I wanted to contribute to those who cannot afford to feed their families. And since I am in isolation and cannot physically volunteer, this seemed to be the perfect alternative. Partnering with Angel, who shares the same ideals, is making this a reality,” said Susan. Angel’s and Susan’s goal is to sell at least 100 cards at $10 each by May 5 so that Fisherman’s Mark receives $1,000.00. Each card you purchase is your own contribution to help feed those in need. Please make your check payable to Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry when you visit the store. Angel’s Cards and Gifts is located at 310 W. Bridge Street in New Hope.