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    Meet Sage

    Easy to grow in the garden, sage in the past has been used to improve memory, extend life, relieve a sore throat and this aromatic herb adds flavor to almost anything you cook Read more

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    London Purchase Farm

    Roger Pomerantz and his wife Cathy Colt see their stay London Purchase Farm, as tenants with a sacred stewardship rather than as the owners of this beautiful historic treasure that was crucially important to the American Revolution Read more

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    Plan, Plant & Tend

    Backyard Eats can plan, plant and tend a vegetable garden that becomes part of your landscape, and you can eat delicious, fresh and healthy farm-to-table food everyday Read more

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    Planting For Boggy Spots

    Wet areas in the garden that seem inhospitable to anything but mud and water can be drained off by planting water loving trees and shrubs grow rapidly and use up the excess water in your garden. Read more

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    Amaryllis & Paperwhites

    During the cold, dark days of winter, Amaryllis and Paperwhites can bring color, light and floral scents that keep our spirits believing that spring will come again and our colorful gardens will indeed bloom again... Read more

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    A Gift To Create

    As one of the early farmhouses in the Village of Woodhill, this modest Bucks County home was originally built in 1753. Throughout its many changes of owners, the home has been historically traditional and understated. That changed in 1996 when Rob... Read more

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    Randl Bye

    Family, Food and Home

    To Andrew and Mary Lou Abruzzese family is everything. Andrew’s love of family was nurtured at a young age growing up in Baltimore. Family dinners, holidays and cooking with the family matriarchs planted the seed for what was to come. His adult ... Read more

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  • Everlasting Flowers

    Everlasting Flowers

    Summer never fades away when you preserve garden blooms for year-round display. The best flowers for drying are everlastings, a special group of flowers that can be air-dried without losing their color or form. Dried everlastings don’t have the... Read more

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    An Old-World Renovation

    From a tumbled down structure to a masterfully rejuvenated Buck County farmhouse, this restoration spanned 18 years. Jon and Monique Atkin purchased their historic 1820 stone house in 2003. The house was advertised in the Penny Power newspaper... Read more

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    Country Carpenters' Proud Heritage

    Country Carpenters kits for New England Style post and beam buildings is a way to have high-quality barns, sheds, garages, carriage houses, and country cabins built on your property. Read more

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    Randl Bye

    A Family Affair

    Skilled remodeler Brett King along with his son Nathan, wife Kim, and his daughter-in-law Kara together remodeled and transformed what was once a village creamery into a dreamhouse for Nathan and Kara King.... Read more

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Worthington and Shagen Custom Builder

Now in our fourth generation as a family business, at Worthington and Shagen Custom Builder we build custom-crafted, extraordinarily detailed, and fine-finished new homes, renovations, restorations, and additions.

  • Worthington and Shagen Custom Builder

    At Worthington and Shagen Custom Builder we craft your masterpiece. Combining the elegance, integrity, and artisan quality of historical architecture with the conveniences and efficiencies of today, we build one-of-a-kind homes that suit your tastes. Read more

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