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  • JIm

    The Maximalist

    Jim Alterman, owner of Ashley John Designs is no minimalist but enjoys looking for quality art and objects from all periods to stock his 40,000 square-foot designer showroom in Doylestown Read more

  • Bella Close Up.jpg

    Bella (A.K.A. beautiful) Flooring

    This year Bella Flooring celebrates 25 years of serving Bucks County and the surrounding area. Bella is located in Pipersville and is a family owned and operated business. Bella’s showroom has 10,000+ square feet of space that features thousands... Read more

  • Dan Deck man (1).jpg

    Stretching Indoor Space

    Dan Miles, owner of Miles Decks, adds on to homes to stretch their indoor space just beyond its borders and create a place to gather with family and friends that brings their home outside. Read more

  • New Hope Farmhouse - Kitchen - Glenna Stone Interior Design.jpg

    Adam Kane Macchia

    Creating A Timeless Space

    One day, Glenna Stone received a call. She had a project in New Hope, and a potential client saw her sign posted a half mile down the road. After an initial meeting and some discussion, the rest fell in place. This couple liked this designer’s work.. Read more

  • tom fischer 1.jpg

    Reproductions With Integrity

    Thomas K. Fischer can walk into a building and see things. A flair for details leaves others asking how he does it. An arch here, historically accurate fireplace there. His good eye for design, keen interest in history, and salt-of-the-earth work... Read more

  • DSC_2913.jpg


    The Tague Legacy

    Tague Lumber, known throughout the region for their quality and service, is a family business. Three generations continue a legacy of ownership that began over 100 years ago. Vincent Tague Sr., Vincent Tague Jr., Vincent Tague III and Madeline... Read more

  • 6E9C0825rt-10x8-300.jpg

    Jay Groccia (508)869-6955 jay@on

    Kitchen Magic Kitchens

    Your kitchen tells your family’s unique story and is the witness to many of life’s most precious moments. Read more

  • JRM-workphoto-1 (1).png

    Vidal Photography

    J.R. Maxwell Builders’ Story

    J.R. Maxwell Builders—you know the name, but do you know the story? Jay Maxwell started the company in 1976 when his son, James, was born. James grew up carrying two-by-fours and learned the business as the years went by. After earning his degree... Read more

  • Advertising photos.png

    American Homestead Kitchens

    Creating beautiful, inspired kitchen spaces that reflect personal aesthetic and lifestyle. Balancing design expectations with functional requirements while providing exceptional service, product, and attention to detail. Read more

  • Timberlane_01.jpg

    Timberlane Shutters

    At Timberlane we trust there is more to a home than just the basic necessities. We consider them a living entity, and that we create exactly what they require; beautiful hand-crafted shutters and hand-forged shutter hardware. Read more

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