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Solstice is Open!

Solstice, the new seasonally-driven restaurant concept at The Village at Newtown Shopping Center, is now open for both outdoor patio and indoor seating and has launched a mouth-watering new summer menu.

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The culinary team at Pine Run Retirement Community in Doylestown is used to bringing people together over meals. Read more

In Italy, there are 55 million grandmothers, and they’re all great chefs!” So says Gennaro Scotto d’Antuono, chef-owner of Non Solo Pasta, a mainstay in Morrisville since 1996. Tell me about it, Gennaro! My own mother was the best cook in the... Read more

Dining & Food

If the Christmas decorations are anywhere as atmospheric as the delightfully spooky Halloween décor, you can expect a most festive site to enjoy your holiday meal or party. Sitting next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s day, you’ll be in the... Read more

Dining & Food

The most recent addition to Newtown’s burgeoning restaurant scene is, in fact, the oldest—at least, in terms of origin. The Grey Stone Fine Food & Spirits, located midway between Washington Crossing and the bustling village of Newtown, dates back.. Read more

Dining & Food

James Beard Award-winning Chef Jose Garces is excited to announce the opening of his latest venture, Stella on June 15, 2019. Located in the heart of historic New Hope, the American small-plate restaurant resides in the newly renovated Ghost Light... Read more

Dining & Food

Moonstruck restaurant


I never thought I’d find a restaurant that could make gnocchi as tasty as my dear departed nonna’s. But I was wrong Read more

Buckingham Township boasts one of the best international restaurants in the region. Ostensibly Italian, Baci Ristorante & Heart of Oak Pub offers a nice array of authentic Italian delicacies, combined, surprisingly but quite comfortably, with the... Read more

Dining & Food

You don’t have to fly to Italy to find a great Italian meal. Save your euros and drive to Café Antonio instead. Last April the popular Morrisville dining haven won the 2018 Bucks Happening List award, voted in by customers, for “Best Italian... Read more

Dining & Food

For years after its opening in 1939, bucolic, stately Durham Springs established a reputation as the go-to destination for weddings, parties, and special catered affairs. Situated on thirty-three acres of pristine Bucks County woodlands and meadow... Read more

Dining & Food

It should come as no surprise that Chef Russell Lebkuecher, the owner of Kasey’s on the Delaware — like his celebrated ancestor Dr. Benjamin Rush, physician, author, humanitarian, educator, and signer of the Declaration of Independence — is a... Read more

Bet you can’t guess what Eggplant Caponata, Thai BBQ Shrimp, Spicy Tofu Stir Fry, Coq au Vin, and Brazilian BBQ Chicken have in common. Hmm . . . I thought so. These dishes are all available on the first menu of Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar... Read more

Dining & Food

by Frank Quattrone The new kid on the block in Bristol’s blossoming renaissance and dining scene is a cozy little BYOB with a peculiarly descriptive name — Jules@Market – Farm to Table Seafood & Chop House. Jules Soto, the charming owner and... Read more

Dining & Food

Dining Alone Together Made More Enjoyable

Virtual chefs

Theo Petron and Melissa Wieczorek, Co-Executive Chefs and Owners, Zest Culinary Services, are elevating the home dining experience for their customers and taking them beyond curb-side pick-up with a Chef-Led Virtual Dinner Party™ experience delivered.  The Zest chefs, known for their on-trend, creative menus and fun in-home chef experiences, have been fortunate to be able to continue offering their customized prepared meal delivery service.  But they’ve had to pivot to be able to offer dinner parties fit for a virtual world. “Many restaurants have shifted to a take-out and delivery model and customers are very happy to continue supporting them.  But it’s not the same experience. We could have simply offered delivery for parties too. But that’s just not the Zest experience. People are looking for more.  So we created the Chef-Led Virtual Dinner Party™ to help create that feeling of enjoying a fun night out and an amazing dinner with friends, a reason to put on make-up and pants that zip.", stated Melissa. Just like a ‘normal’ dinner party, clients coordinate with their guests then reserve a date and time with Zest and select their menu.  On the day of the party, in lieu of on-site service, the chefs expertly source, prepare and deliver the feast to each guest. Everyone then dials into a Zoom™ call hosted by the ever-engaging and entertaining Chef Theo who will introduce the courses, talk food and wine, along with answering any and all food-related questions. He’ll also guide the guests through heating and plating of each course. Beth and Stan L.of Jamison, are looking forward to their virtual dinner party this weekend. “We loved our past dinner party experience with Zest so we know they'll do a great job with a virtual one. It will also help us and some of our friends break the “Ground Hog Day” feeling we have during this pandemic.” Zest Culinary Services is a personal chef and boutique catering company located in Bucks County, PA with a mission to help customers “Eat Well, Live Fit and Have Fun” though food.  Services include customized prepared meal delivery, dinner parties and boutique, on-site catering. Owners and Chefs Theo Petron and Melissa Wieczorek have been proudly serving Bucks County for over 15 years. They have been featured in many publications and media outlets including Bucks Life magazine, Moxie Woman, and the NBC 10! Show. Learn more at www.zestchefs.com. To learn more about the Chef-Led Virtual Dinner Party™ experience, visit https://www.zestchefs.com/virtual-dinner-parties. To contact Melissa Wieczorek, call 215-919-9865 or email chefmelissa@zestchefs.com.

The Ultimate Tomato Pie

tomatoe pie gino

Gino Lenti, owner of La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant in Morrisville, learned how to cook Southern Italian food as a boy growing up on a farm in the Italian Province of Calabria. His mother taught him how to cook all the traditional foods, including pizza, which was a staple at the Lenti household. La Villa offers delicious veal, seafood, chicken and pasta entrées. The salad menu includes Antipasto Salad, Arugula Salad, Greek Salad and Tuscany Salad. But what really brings the crowds to La Villa is the Chambersburg Tomato Pie. Of course, from its beginning in 1998, Pizza has been a staple at La Villa. However, Gino heard people rave about tomato pies made in the Trenton neighborhood of Chambersburg. These pies were considered the best in area, maybe even in the United States. So in 2005 Gino had a friend take him to Trenton to try a tomato pie. The thin crusted pie was delicious, Gino thought, and he knew he could replicate it. He kept buying them and making them until he had it down to a tee. But as he made them and sampled them, he felt something was missing. Gino decided that he could make a better tomato pie than anything made in Trenton. So he started to improve the pies and the results were astounding. Streams of people came La Villa to eat pizza in, takeout or delivered. Among the improvements that Gino made was the use of an ingredient that Gino’s mother used in her pizza. This ingredient, a family secret, changed the taste very subtly and made Gino’s pies a notch better than anything being made in Trenton. In fact, his pies became so good that people came from outside the area, willing to travel way out of their way, to have a tomato pie at La Villa. When making his pies, Gino uses only the finest ingredients. Even when cheese went sky high for a season, Gino did not skimp. And for those who like their pies topped with sausage, Gino makes his own sausage. The square Trenton Tomato Pies are made in square pans imported from Calabria. La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant is located at 21 S Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, PA 19067. To see a menu, visit www.lavilla-restaurant.com. To order, call 215-736-3113 or 215- 736-3116.