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  • Water Wheel Tavern


    Water Wheel Tavern

    Water Wheel Tavern You’d never guess by talking with him, for modesty is his middle name, but Matt Lawrence, the executive chef at Water Wheel Tavern, is a genuine artist. It’s not just his guitar-playing, as Matt and his band played some fine ... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Luberto's

    Luberto’s Brick Oven Pizza & Trattoria

    Owned and operated by Ernesto & Louise Leone, Luberto’s Brick Oven Pizza & Trattoria in Dublin PA has been a favorite in the Dublin area for more than two decades. Ernesto & Louise, the current owners, bring with them over 40 years of culinary ... Read more

  • Omiza


    Omiza Restaurant

    Ever since its quiet opening during the pandemic two years ago, Omiza has been steadily building a sizeable, loyal clientele. Because of the understandable downturn in the restaurant industry, it hasn’t been easy. But through patience, hard ... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • The Yardley Inn


    The Yardley Inn

    In Tennyson’s great dramatic monologue “Ulysses,” the aging Greek hero addresses his mariners just before they embark upon their final journey beyond “the western stars.” He tells them “I am a part of all that I have met,” to assure them of his... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Jules @ Market


    Jules @ Market

    By Frank D. Quattrone Dining at Jules @ Market during a sudden torrential downpour can be quite a trip. Entertaining to the max. A delight for the senses. As your taste buds tingle with the sumptuous seafood banquet on your table, your ears perk... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Bowman's Tavern


    Bowman's Tavern

    When he purchased, updated, and breathed new life into Bowman’s Tavern ten years ago, owner James Seward vowed to “stress the integrity of the product and service to assure the return of twenty- to thirty percent of our customers.” Judging from... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Tony's Place

    Tony’s Place

    On a frigid day in the dead of winter, the parking lot at Tony’s Place was packed. We wondered what had lured so many mid-afternoon patrons to this modest eatery situated so close to the railroad tracks in a bustling patch of Ivyland. Could it be ... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Golden Pheasant


    Golden Pheasant Inn

    When a guest at an adjoining table politely asked if he could have a variation on a standard menu dish, server Annie Parise smiled brightly and said, without hesitation, “Of course, sir. No problem!”The silver-haired bartender who shares a surname... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Earl's

    Earl’s New American

    Now that Persephone has returned from the darkness and we slowly emerge from our pandemic cocoon, you owe yourself an outing — free from the trappings of Everyday. That means a trip to Peddler’s Village. Recently named the top tourist destination... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Descendents


    Descendants Brewing Company

    In its own quiet way, Descendants Brewing Company at the Old Ship Inn is making history. Located in the charming borough of Milford, New Jersey, Descendants is the first new brewery in the state—since Prohibition!—to brew beer for consumption on... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • antonios

    Café Antonio

    You don’t have to fly to Italy to find a great Italian meal. Save your euros and drive to Café Antonio instead. Last April the popular Morrisville dining haven won the 2018 Bucks Happening List award, voted in by customers, for “Best Italian... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Isaac Newton's


    Isaac Newton

    From the apple serving as an apostrophe at the end of the restaurant’s name, to the proliferation of apples popping up on tables and gazing down at you from photos on the wall, you just know you’re in for some “Fun Food and Drink,” as Isaac... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Pineville Tavern


    Pineville Tavern

    As we approached Pineville Tavern for our first dining adventure at the landmark restaurant, we lined up behind a veritable parade of waiting cars. Was it a special occasion? In a way it was, as Tuesdays have become Lobster Night at the venerable... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Heirloom Restaurant

    Paul Wesley

    Heirloom Restaurant

    Heirloom: It’s something treasured, handed down lovingly from generation to generation. It’s also the perfect name for the intimate, unadorned restaurant located next door to Quinoa, a lively Mexican eatery, both within view of Doylestown’s... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Trattoria Rosa Bianca

    Paul Wesley

    Trattoria Rosa Bianca

    Now that the pandemic has begun to fade into the rear-view, people long-shuttered are venturing out again to their favorite haunts, including our local restaurants. Some have suffered badly over the past year, while others, somehow, have more than... Read more

    Dining & Food


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  • Hamish Christall

    Paul Wesley

    Savoring Each Mouthful

    If you’re looking for BowlFace’s addictive Gazpacho soup this winter, you’ll have to wait till next summer when the tomatoes and basil that chef/owner Hamish Christall uses are in season and at their peak flavor. I know. I share your pain. But ... Read more

  • Wholly Crepe


    Wholly Crepe!

    “Perfectly imperfect” is how Eric Wieczorek, owner of Wholly Crepe! describes his creations. When pushed to explain, he says, “Every crepe is made by hand. Every crepe rolled and filled by hand.” And “by hand” he means himself—and he alone... Read more

  • Different Abilities


    Different Abilities Bakery

    Bucks County is known for its many attractions. High on the list are its destination-worthy bakeries. They not only get us going in the morning with their freshly brewed coffees and tantalizing scones and muffins, but they also sweeten our day... Read more

  • Adel Bensalem


    Middle Eastern Delights

    O.K, so you use salt and pepper when cooking—and hopefully, extra virgin olive oil. Perhaps you’ve even been seasoning some of your dishes with cumin, coriander, pimentón or ginger and feeling savvy about spices. But have you tried sumac? Zaartar?... Read more

  • Deli

    Paul Wesley

    Borscht Belt In Stockton

    What’s a nice Italian chef doing opening up a Jewish delicatessen in our area? Everything—from creating its menu to cooking its food, to designing its decor and to turning it into a community go-to place for great, comfort food. Still, he has no... Read more

  • sauce

    Saucy Goodies

    Since age eight Arlene Hayden has cooked and baked, and she offers her homemade canned foods, baked goods and her amazing sauce at Goodies at the Doylestown Farmers’ Market... Read more

  • Dumplings


    Wrapped Flavor

    Ask Julius Facenda about comfort food and he’ll tell you the best ones come in small packages. Like little presents, each of his comes wrapped in its own handcrafted covering. To be more precise, Julius’ wrappings are deliciously edible. He blends... Read more

  • county fare su19

    Culinary Captivators

    Some have a blue tint to them. Others display petals that lean on the rosy side or burst into a brilliant bouquet of sunset orange. Still others are more sedate hiding in their mass of creamy browns or grays. A few are scruffy looking and globe-... Read more

  • wine Tester

    Drink what You Like

    It was while hiking through the vineyards in the hills of Mongardino in the Piedmont region of Italy that Mike Conti’s love of wine was first ignited. He was with his great-grandmother, Nonna. Though she didn’t speak English and he didn’t know a... Read more