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    From Calabria To Morrisville

    Gino Lenti, owner of La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant in Morrisville, learned how to cook Southern Italian food as a boy growing up on a farm in the Italian Province of Calabria. His mother taught him how to cook all the traditional foods ... Read more

    Dining & Food

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    Zad Albasha

    Where does one begin describing a restaurant that serves, and satisfies, so many desires? For those who enjoy sharing flavored tobacco from a communal hookah, there’s an intimate hookah lounge on the striking ground floor ... Read more

    Dining & Food

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    Dharma Bums

    You enter the restaurant’s cellar bar from a barrel door resembling a Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings. Next to the door is a “sculpted” marker of four stones, each announcing the experience you’ll find inside—ENLIGHTENMENT, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT... Read more

    Dining & Food

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    Daddy Tom's Speakeasy

    Behind the Bookcase of 304 Wine and Beer, Daddy Tom’s is the worst kept secret speakeasy style cocktail lounge in historic Bristol Borough. Their cocktails and ambiance have been carefully curated for an elevated yet relaxed cocktail experience... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Taverna 54


    Taverna 54

    Even in the dimly lighted dining room, it was hard not to notice the buzz permeating the crowded restaurant. Every seat was filled—on a Thursday evening. The lure, no doubt—Taverna 54’s Lambertville Local Dinner. Offered every Tuesday through ... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Lambertville Station

    Lambertville Station

    For over 30 years, the award-winning fine-dining Lambertville Station Restaurant has been a beloved dining spot. Nestled in a lovingly restored 19th-century train station by the Delaware River, Dine al fresco on the lush terrace or unwind with... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • La Villa


    La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant

    No one has ever said that all Italian restaurants—even those that specialize in pizzas—are all the same. Each one has its own identity. Each one has its own source of pride. And each one can boast of something that sets it apart from the rest... Read more

    Dining & Food

  • Restaurants w/Taste

    Springtown Inn

    On a spring-like Friday evening at the end of December, the Springtown Inn was bursting with laughter. Couples celebrating a birthday were taking photos in front of the twin fireplaces in the main dining room. Other patrons marveled at the ... Read more

    Dining & Food


  • Looking for that quintessential Bucks County Inn, fine Italian restaurant or the best smoked ribs? Let Bucks County Magazine help you find it. And, be sure you check out our dining and food section featuring some fine chefs and restaurants with taste. Read more


  • La La Lobster


    La La Lobster

    If you think you can only find great lobster rolls in New England, I have good news. La La Lobster in Yardley is serving lobster rolls so fresh and sweet they rival the best found at lobster shacks dotting New England’s coastline. One taste is ... Read more

  • Couple At A Winery

    Wine Tasting

    During these summer months my wife and I love to drive to the wineries in Bucks County and its surrounding areas. We like to go to sample various wines, often ones we’ve never tried. Buck County’s vineyards are exceptional because of the grapes... Read more

  • Hamish Christall

    Paul Wesley

    Savoring Each Mouthful

    If you’re looking for BowlFace’s addictive Gazpacho soup this winter, you’ll have to wait till next summer when the tomatoes and basil that chef/owner Hamish Christall uses are in season and at their peak flavor. I know. I share your pain. But ... Read more

  • Wholly Crepe


    Wholly Crepe!

    “Perfectly imperfect” is how Eric Wieczorek, owner of Wholly Crepe! describes his creations. When pushed to explain, he says, “Every crepe is made by hand. Every crepe rolled and filled by hand.” And “by hand” he means himself—and he alone... Read more

  • Different Abilities


    Different Abilities Bakery

    Bucks County is known for its many attractions. High on the list are its destination-worthy bakeries. They not only get us going in the morning with their freshly brewed coffees and tantalizing scones and muffins, but they also sweeten our day... Read more

  • Adel Bensalem


    Middle Eastern Delights

    O.K, so you use salt and pepper when cooking—and hopefully, extra virgin olive oil. Perhaps you’ve even been seasoning some of your dishes with cumin, coriander, pimentón or ginger and feeling savvy about spices. But have you tried sumac? Zaartar?... Read more

  • sauce

    Saucy Goodies

    Since age eight Arlene Hayden has cooked and baked, and she offers her homemade canned foods, baked goods and her amazing sauce at Goodies at the Doylestown Farmers’ Market... Read more

  • Dumplings


    Wrapped Flavor

    Ask Julius Facenda about comfort food and he’ll tell you the best ones come in small packages. Like little presents, each of his comes wrapped in its own handcrafted covering. To be more precise, Julius’ wrappings are deliciously edible. He blends... Read more