• BaseBlock

    The BaseBlocks Trainer

    While I was googling something I accidently came across the BaseBlocks Trainer. It popped up to my liking! It’s a full body calisthenics workout. It helps to build muscle strength and endurance... Read more

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    Personal Training

    The pursuit of health and fitness can be confusing. It seems there is always a special program or piece of magical equipment or app that is being touted as the quick and easy solution to your wellness needs. These marketing schemes are often wacky... Read more

  • Menachem Meller_2.jpeg


    Golf After COVID-19

    We are emerging from what seems like an unusually intense winter. In addition, Covid-19 has presented 2020 with unprecedented challenges on many levels including limited opportunities for fitness and social interaction. There has been a plethora of.. Read more

  • 1. acquapole-water-exercises.jpg

    Dive Into Fitness

    My dear friend, Rita who resides in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, keeps her pool open all year round. In the winter months her pool heat pump turns up the heat in no time flat, which puts her under water all year round. She has... Read more

  • Ernestine Shepherd

    Sexy At 80

    Usually I feature a new and even some old products, but for this column I want to write about a woman I have been following for the past 23 years. And what better time to tell you about her, since she is turning 80 years old this June. It is... Read more

  • Teen in draft

    Bucks County Teen To Participate In NFL Draft

    With the country adapting to its new normal, one Bucks County teen, a Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) Ambassador, decided to take the necessary steps to keep his Pennsbury School District eating right and exercising after schools shut down due to... Read more

  • Vicky's 2nd PHOTO.jpg

    Functional Fitness

    Functional trainers are really great for resistance training for strength, hypertrophy, speed power and endurance. Read more

  • Forbes Riley

    Spin Gym

    There are many ways to stay fit and in shape at any age. I found the SpinGym to be one of the most versatile products out there. Read more

  • Strider

    Take it in Stride

    Here I was on my way home on a flight from Florida feeling a little claustrophobic and frightened as we take off into a major thunderstorm with high winds. Read more

  • Suspension

    The Suspension Way

    This fitness device is the real deal! The TRX is so portable, versatile, creative and adaptable to so many fitness levels. Read more

  • facial exercises

    Facial Exercises

    There are many ways to stay fit and in shape at any age. I discovered years ago that facial exercises need to be added to your regular workout. Read more

  • MBT sneaks.jpg

    Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

    While we were talking I couldn't help looking down at his feet. I finally asked the big question. What is that you are wearing? I never seen anything like those before Read more

  • Ken Fredrick

    Fitness to The Extreme

    As I’m browsing through my LinkedIn network on my work anniversary, one of my members gave me a thumbs up and a like on my anniversary post that Linkedin puts up for it’s members. With this member’s photo, I see an exercise piece that is being ... Read more

  • Nurture Spa

    Nurturing Your Body

    At Nurture Spa, their experienced therapists are there to take care of you. “We are dedicated to discovering what you need, then providing the most enriching results for body and mind. The style is simple and natural. Read more