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  • Gardening Good

    Gardening For Good

    Using the correct native plants in their appropriate habitats will turn your garden into a living organism, capable of restoring ecological health to your property, once and for all Read more

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    James Biddle

    Gardening At Andalusia

    Andalusia is one of the gems of Bucks County, with its stunning grounds and historic architecture. As you drive through the industrial parks of Bensalem, turning into the driveway to Andalusia is, as Head Gardener Bill Fuchs says, “like entering a... Read more

  • Black eyed Susans

    Dividing perennials

    I got tired of my perennial garden this year. It was too lush, to the point of looking sloppy and overgrown, even though I took great pains trying to keep it lovely and weed free. So, I decided that my dear friend, who had mentioned that she was... Read more

  • Elderberry

    Pawpaws and Elderberries

    The pawpaw, Asimina triloba, is a true Native American fruit tree that grows in eastern half of North America. It is the largest native edible fruit. It is said that George Washington loved them. The pawpaw has many nicknames, including custard... Read more

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    Growing Winners

    We may not be able to do everything we want to do, but we can still garden! Here are some of the newest All-America Selection (AAS) award-winning fruits and vegetables to try this spring. Pot-a-peno is a fun new jalapeño pepper with a bushy, com... Read more

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    Building the Great Outdoors

    At Environmental Landscape Associates design and building outdoor structures begins with a vision that encompasses the purpose and views everything as an extension of the home... Read more

  • At Home.jpg

    Beautiful & Sustainable

    Carter van Dyke Associates (CVDA) Landscape Architects/ Planners with offices in Doylestown and Naples, New York find creative ways to beautify the environment and enhance the quality of life of communities they serve. Their projects range from... Read more

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    Lauren Vaughan LaurenVaughan (LaurenVaughan (Photographer) - [None]

    Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

    When Woodsmith Construction began this project, there was nothing in the backyard but dirt. With a large family and frequent entertaining, the client wanted the ultimate outdoor retreat. Read more

  • Shangri 1.png

    A View Of Shangri La

    James and Sharon Maida and their children made their home in an expanded colonial in Hopewell Township for 22 years. Things change—the children are grown and have moved out. It is time for a change. They were intrigued with the idea of living... Read more

  • Avant g

    Edible Landscaping

    The term ‘Edible Landscaping’ refers to the use of food crops notably vegetables and herbs—to create a decorative space as well as a functional one. The best example of this exists in France at the Chateau Villandry where mostly vegetables and... Read more

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    The Old & The New

    On a glorious summer day, you can drive around many parts of Bucks County and observe its great collection of historic homes. Whether you are in such places as Quakertown, Newtown, Yardley, or Bristol, you are sure to see homes that have been here... Read more

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