It is a beautiful summer day. Tanya is packing and I am daydreaming about all the things that are on the itinerary for our trip to Ocean Casino Resort. We are starting early for this visit to Ocean in Atlantic City. Our check-in time is 4 p.m. and... Read more


Lively strains of Bach fill the air as Aurelia Nieves-Callwood opens the door to her apartment. Wearing a turquoise wrap cardigan and artisan earrings, she shatters all stereotypes you might have about octogenarians. “I think I got these at the... Read more

Arts & Antiques

Pineville Tavern


As we approached Pineville Tavern for our first dining adventure at the landmark restaurant, we lined up behind a veritable parade of waiting cars. Was it a special occasion? In a way it was, as Tuesdays have become Lobster Night at the venerable... Read more

Dining & Food

I got tired of my perennial garden this year. It was too lush, to the point of looking sloppy and overgrown, even though I took great pains trying to keep it lovely and weed free. So, I decided that my dear friend, who had mentioned that she was... Read more

Home & Garden

Adel Bensalem


O.K, so you use salt and pepper when cooking—and hopefully, extra virgin olive oil. Perhaps you’ve even been seasoning some of your dishes with cumin, coriander, pimentón or ginger and feeling savvy about spices. But have you tried sumac? Zaartar?... Read more

County Fare

Tewksbury Inn

Paul Wesley

Even on a night when a major summer storm turned umbrellas inside-out and flooded nearby streets and byways, guests poured in to enjoy a Saturday evening repast at charming Tewksbury Inn. The venerable stagecoach inn in the equine heart of ... Read more

Dining & Food

people f21


Every kid is an entrepreneur. There is lemonade to sell, lawns to mow, babies to sit– the list is endless. Mike Dalewitz was a born entrepreneur. From an early age, he shoveled snow and collected bottles for recycling deposits. Yet his business... Read more


Heirloom Restaurant

Paul Wesley

Heirloom: It’s something treasured, handed down lovingly from generation to generation. It’s also the perfect name for the intimate, unadorned restaurant located next door to Quinoa, a lively Mexican eatery, both within view of Doylestown’s... Read more

Dining & Food

We recognize a figure in an image because we are an image, just as we recognize beauty in creation because it is a creation. The fawn gazing through the undergrowth of a forest points to the Creator of all things as much as our ability to see it on.. Read more


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