Linda Salley


The quilts Linda Salley creates always tell a story, such as the one she crafted about life in the 1960s. Two years after her retirement in 2003, Linda began teaching fabric, design and creation to a group of women at a senior center. It was here... Read more

What to Do

Trattoria Rosa Bianca

Paul Wesley

Now that the pandemic has begun to fade into the rear-view, people long-shuttered are venturing out again to their favorite haunts, including our local restaurants. Some have suffered badly over the past year, while others, somehow, have more than... Read more

Dining & Food

Aristotle coined the phrase: “Nature abhors a vacuum,” meaning that every space in nature needs to be filled with something. For most of her life, artist Ilene Rubin has attempted to fill those empty spaces with paint. According to her, almost... Read more

cock 'n Bull

Paul Wesley

How pleasant to see the charming lanes of Peddler’s Village teeming again with smiling faces, mostly unmasked, as we approached the Cock ’n Bull. Starting at 4 o’clock on this cool Saturday in mid-May, we were doubly heartened to see a host of... Read more

Dining & Food



Fifteen years ago Kristopher Kwant began brewing beer with his dad out of their shared passion for a good brewski. It was only to be a hobby. Instead Kris’s beer started gaining recognition in micro-brewing circles. Not long after, he was winning... Read more

County Fare

An unlikely couple crossing a happenstance bridge made of floating wood sends a deeper message of hope to a lost world because if His eye is on the heron and turtle, then I know His eye is on me. Read more

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