Princess Kate is a part of our Royal King Charles Spaniel family here is this Plain Folk town of Churchtown, PA. She is a 7 year old Ruby CKCS and half sibling to our other Cavaliers, Prince William and Lady Elizabeth. They sleep in our bedroom... Read more

I am mostly a shrub and perennial person, but there are certain annuals that I simply must have somewhere in my garden each year. I use them to fill in gaps in borders, or to star in their own spectacular shows. These annuals are versatile, easy... Read more

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It was while hiking through the vineyards in the hills of Mongardino in the Piedmont region of Italy that Mike Conti’s love of wine was first ignited. He was with his great-grandmother, Nonna. Though she didn’t speak English and he didn’t know a... Read more

Dining & Food

The Farmer and the Chickpea, the artisan food haven with the quirky name that’s become Quakertown’s absolutely must-go destination, is the most original eatery I’ve ever covered in this space. I don’t know what to call it. Despite the abundance... Read more

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Carter van Dyke Associates (CVDA) Landscape Architects/ Planners with offices in Doylestown and Naples, New York find creative ways to beautify the environment and enhance the quality of life of communities they serve. Their projects range from... Read more

Landscaping Ideas

Talking to Treandous “TC” Cuthbertson it becomes clear his feet are firmly planted on the ground, but his mind is moving a mile a minute. Always 10 steps ahead, he is considering what to do next and how to make it magnificent, whether it’s the... Read more

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The Conservatory on Skyron Drive in Doylestown will open its doors for Playmate Playwrights original series of plays written under the theme, Divine Intervention. Read more

I met Tony Dalton about a year and a half ago while selling magazine advertising space, and Tony bought several ads from me. During that time we became very good friends. Every time I visited the store, he gave me tips for my workouts and how to... Read more


With all the construction underway in the burgeoning borough of Doylestown, it was inevitable that an attractive new restaurant would soon sail into view. And in a bustling new shopping center, that expectation has been fulfilled with the emergence.. Read more

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Shahzad Ahmed decided he wanted to become a doctor early in life. His younger brother, sick with rheumatic fever, got well after medical treatment and the 11-year old Shahzad knew he had found his calling. “I wanted to help other people, the way... Read more


Summers on the boardwalk conjure up images of seagulls gliding and the whiff of French fries. You might also see portrait artists at work with small crowds gathered around them, watching as they whip out quick sketches that draw oohs and aahs... Read more

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The luck attributed to a four-leaf clover is not a firm foundation for life in a three-leaf-clover world. There is no reason to believe that He who ordains all that comes to pass provides a space for anything as fleeting as luck. Read more

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