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It’s a little bit urban, a little edgy —-with fringes of tradition woven into its core retail fabric. Savioni Boutique has been part of the New Hope retail landscape for about 20 years. And for good reason. According to Revi Haviv, Apparel Buyer... Read more

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Durston Saylor

Anticipation. Tanya and I are ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in Baltimore, known as Charm City. Our destination is the Canopy Baltimore Harbor Point. It’s Wednesday afternoon and our check-in to the Canopy is scheduled for Thursday... Read more


When we work in our gardens, a large part of what we do is pull weeds. What if I told you that you don’t have to pull them all? That, with what we call weeds, nature is providing us with free food? I admit that it goes against everything I have ... Read more

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Bucks County is known for its many attractions. High on the list are its destination-worthy bakeries. They not only get us going in the morning with their freshly brewed coffees and tantalizing scones and muffins, but they also sweeten our day... Read more

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Paul Wesley

Every picture tells a story, and when Lynda Berry is behind the camera, each one also has a feeling. It’s that emotion, captured forever, that drives every photo she takes as the principal photographer and owner of Lynda Berry Photography. When... Read more




In its own quiet way, Descendants Brewing Company at the Old Ship Inn is making history. Located in the charming borough of Milford, New Jersey, Descendants is the first new brewery in the state—since Prohibition!—to brew beer for consumption on... Read more

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From the apple serving as an apostrophe at the end of the restaurant’s name, to the proliferation of apples popping up on tables and gazing down at you from photos on the wall, you just know you’re in for some “Fun Food and Drink,” as Isaac... Read more

Dining & Food

When a scribe came to Jesus and told him that he would follow him wherever he goes, Jesus said, “The foxes have holes, and the birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” Read more

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Bucks County Magazine can be found for sale at most major newsstand locations. We also are sold at local farm markets, delis, garden centers and country stores. Attached is a list of these locations.

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